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Termination of employment: You need these documents

The termination of employment is not an everyday moment. Depending on whether employer and employee come to an agreement, one of the parties may be tempted to "follow suit" in the final meters. Not a good idea, especially not from the employee side. But even the company has a reputation to lose. In order to bring the departure of the employee from the company as professionally as possible, both contracting parties should prepare themselves. We will show you which documents you have to hand over in case of termination ...

End of employment: different reasons
Employment tax statement after termination Release of personnel fileAt the end of the employment relationship, the different types are meant as employment in a company can end.

First of all, is it necessary to make a rough distinction between the two contracting parties, ie self-termination or third-party termination? It then follows in detail the respective reasons:

Termination of the employment contract by the employee