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Fix: The number of ads you can show is limited

Anytime you can get a good new from Google that they have updated their policy and keeping track of your blog traffic quality. And you never know when your account gets ban or suspended which can incur a heavy loss of your hard-earned dollars. Like many of us including me got the message “Number of ads you can show has been limited” and suddenly ads stop showing on the blog. I know this is not good news for anyone & obviously not all Google updates are good news for bloggers.  For more information, you can check the policy center link provided with the message. As per Google AdSense, the main reason for the temporary serving limit placed on your AdSense account might be Your site traffic is not organicYou are clicking on your own adsYou are using untrusted or low-quality service to increase your traffic. Fig 1. “Number of ads you can show has been limited” message Although many bloggers reported that their traffic is organic, and they don’t use untrusted service or do any unwanted …
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