10 Reasons Why Most Women Cheat In Relationships

Below are 10 Reasons Why Most Women Cheat In Relationships:

1. There is a lack of emotional connection.

This is a very common reason as to why women make the decision to cheat. They may not feel they are emotionally supported or validated. This is considered the most common reason for why women cheat.

2. They don't feel appreciated and valued.

It’s common for couples to get "too comfortable" in a sense where saying "thank you" is less frequent. People get comfortable and start to expect things rather than be appreciative of those things.

3. They have an unhealthy attachment style.

Any attachment style that is not considered a secure attachment is considered unhealthy. Specifically, anxious-ambivalent attachment style involves the fear of being rejected by someone in a relationship.

In other words, people with an anxious-ambivalent attachment style fears being abandoned by the person they are in a relationship with. The reason those with unhealthy attachment styles cheat is because they don't feel good or secure with their current relationship.

4. They have a fear of intimacy.

Women can have intimacy fears for a lot of reasons such as growing up without a father figure, experiences of past abuse or a general fear of being h*urt and put through something p*ainful.

Some women do not want to allow themselves to be vulnerable. Some women do not want to be invalidated.

5. There is a lack of s*ex and/or intimacy.

Reduction of s*ex and intimacy is common among couples whether or not cheating has already occurred or not. This lack of s*ex and intimacy can increase one’s temptation to cheat and if nothing changes, that partner may continue to cheat.

6. The couple is s*exually incompatible.

There may simply be a s*exual incompatibility issue and some women are looking to fulfill that need. Sometimes the emotional connection is being fulfilled and the physical aspect of the relationship isn't.

7. They want to end the relationship.

Some women do not want to h*urt their partner’s feelings or they may feel they do not know how to break up with someone so they will cheat in order to provide reasoning behind the breakup.

8. They don't have enough face-to-face interaction.

Women may feel they don’t have enough time with their partner actually being together, discussing things, and looking at each other.

It could be due to work schedules or child’s school schedule. Whatever the reason, they just don’t feel enough time is spent face-to-face.

9. They are being mistreated.

Women may feel their partner is being emotionally abusive or talks down to her about things. Some women may feel they need to seek validation or confirmation about something in someone else.

Whatever the reason, being mistreated is one of the reasons women seek other options and cheat.

10. They feel a lack of security in the relationship.

Women may feel they need to seek that security with someone else. Some women may feel insecure about their partner or the relationship as a whole and seek security elsewhere.

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